Otrokovice May 2020

  • Venue: Otrokovice.
  • Facilities and  Accommodation in the hostel Sluníčko.
  • Training directly on the tracks of Ironman Moraviaman.
  • The camp will take place: from 19.5. to 23.5.
  • The camp price is 8 950,-CZK  until the end of 2020, and 9 150,-CZK after the New Year.

Price includes:

  • accommodation in the hostel Sluníčko. Price without accommodation is always 2 000, -CZK lower.
  • full board - meals prepared Fitness Menu, serving proportionate to the load!
  • we start with dinner on Wednesday after a cycling training and a compensatory double block.
  • UNISPORT NUTREND iont drink available at all times.
  • Test the regenerative lymph pants throughout the camp to accelerate recovery after exercise.
  • Possibility of free trial of BLUESEVENTY.CZ wetsuits, trisuits and goggles, SLS3.CZ compression socks and trisuits. EQUATOR.CZ carbon wheels 50 and 80mm with 25mm TUFO.CZ tubulars.
  • active daily recover with a physiotherapist after a workout.
  • Nutrend.cz gift package for every camp participant!
  • We will draw on the end free slots: 1 x Slovakman Ironman, 1 x Pálava 70.3, TRI NORTH Africa Ironman.
  • entrance bath Zlín 50 + relax after swimming in a new whirlpool.
  • Nesspreso coffee all day at the base.
  • transfer from Otrokovice train station easy connections for those arriving by train to Otrokovice from Prague, Vienna, Bratislava...
  • final training triathlon + transition aid stations and post race banquet: hypotonic drink, water, bannanas, fruit. Lunch + fruit + cake after race

Are you missing equipment or do you want to try triathlon stuff? Maybe we can borrow some things during the camp write us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..






from 19.5. to 23.5.  2021



noon arrival 13:00 , introduction
afternoon cycling with Petr: one or two laps (45km) on the road IRNM Moraviaman
  MUDr. Niko Burget prevention of injury




swimming with coach Vilém Čejka - swimming in the pool

afternoon running with coach Vlasťa Bukovjan - long run, example of long run workout
  physio by Věrka Vystrčilová



morning core with coach Tomáš Smolík
afternoon cycling with Petr + know-how, heart rate/wats/  ...
  physio by Věrka Vystrčilová



morning  swimming in the open water with Petr
afternoon  running with coach Vlasťa Bukovjan, athletic stadion, interval workout  
   physio Věrka  Vystrčilová


  mini triathlon on the road of Moraviaman (1km swim - 45km bike - 11km run)  with Petr Vabroušek 
afternoon afterparty with Petr + coffe + cake, leaving


Petr Vabroušek - the best Czech Ironman, 2x World Triathlon World Cup winner, finished 202 Ironman distance races (46wins)
Tomáš Smolík - Circuit Functional Training, Strengthening - U.P. Olomouc coaching and sport, specialization aerobic and group lessons, spinning lector, Ironman
Vlastimil Bukovjan - Marathon winner of Košice, Int. Marathon PB of 2:15:35, coach of Robert Štefek, still executive runner
Vilém Čejka - National level swimming coach, massage terapist, expert on natural healthy diet
Mgr. Věrka Vystrčilová   - Compensation - posture correction, static stretching, active runner, winner of B7 102K ultramarathon!
MUDr. Niko Burget - Sports Medicine, Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine


"Do I have a physical at your camp?"
Answer: TRICAMP can handle every healthy and determined individual. Performance doesn't matter. Everybody chooses the load according to their needs. An example on the cycling section is a 45km radius, when the group runs 2 circuits, you can withdraw at any time. For example, when a group runs a long paddock, the first coach with the forehead and the second coach with the group in the back. Not sure about the speed of swimming? The coach sees your performance and after the introduction in the pool, the swimmer sorts out.

"Isn't this just for men?"
answer: TRICAMP is for everyone, women have their own room, showers and toilets (facilities), choose their own pace in training and the accompanying car always rides on the wheel tracks at the back according to the pace of the last. On the running lines are again on the forefront and other groups.Everyone choose their pace.

"Can I take my family to Otrokovice?"
answer: Definitely yes you will ideally adapt your accommodation near Štěrkoviště eg Morava Hostel is newly renovated and offers comfort for affordable money (price of accommodation 650, - / day for 2) and is in sight about 300m from Sunshine.

"What will bring me participation in the TRICAMP?"
Answer: Great time spent among similarly "handicapped". Plenty of triathlon know-how from swimming, cycling and running to strengthening the center of the body.

"I will come by train because it is faster, can you pick me up at the Otrokovice train station?"
Answer: Of course, just write in the notes the date and time of arrival and save my phone number 603 575 674


They wrote about us

"I've been to the Tricamp twice so far (and if I can, I will go for the third time). I especially liked the fact that everyone found their own at the campsite regardless of performance. He could load 90. Who wouldn't even feel at 45 could adjust the volume of individual trainings according to his possibilities, as well as advice from coaches. Firstly, I chose the most needed for my current training / situation and the second year for my acute performance. " Jirka N.